The community of God is the ** relationship of God, of His family ** — our needs and wants, our management of ourselves and our resources, our labor providing for each other, is all held within the context of the “gift” – we all partake equally of the COMMON-WEALTH by our COMMON-MINISTRATION of the gifted-wealth provided by God – WE *ARE* EACH OTHER; WE CREATE EACH OTHER !! – OUR NATURAL AND SPIRITUAL ABILITIES ARE GIFTS TO BE GIFTED IN A RECIPROCAL RELATIONSHIP, IN LOVE !! – THIS IS WHAT GOD IS, AND WHAT WE MUST BE IN THIS WORLD !! – ** THE GOD RELATIONSHIP MUST BE EXTENDED TO ALL OF HUMANITY ** !! — business is the “wasting” of the majority of mankind and of our common home, while the few are enclosed in their own fat [Psm 17:10] [consumption is laying waste (our) humanity and environment; money is *not* life, money is disease, a wasting consumption; money is eventual death] !! – money is held as able to possess all; all is available to money; anything can be bought for those with “the” money [ownership as right, privilege]; all of life can be equated in terms of money, NOTHING IS EXEMPT, NOT EVEN GOD; MONEY IS ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY, MONEY AS GOD, and those with “the” money are regarded as gods !! — God’s community must provide God’s nourishment, physically and spiritually; WE MUST PROVIDE GOD’S LIFE, ** WE MUST DESTROY THE FALSE ALTARS ** !!