There are only two ways of life: “give” and “take,” and they are mutually exclusive, they cannot be blended in context [lukewarm] – the LOVE of GOD (rooted and grounded; righteousness) vs. the LOVE of MONEY (the root of all evil; unrighteous Mammon) – WE MUST CHOOSE BETWEEN THESE SYSTEMICS – as stated previously ** OUR CHOICE IS MAMMON OR MESSIAH ** !! – our society, its laws, institutions, relations, etc., are all based on money/iniquity [lack of righteousness or justice; wickedness; inequality] – GOD IS EQUITY [fairness; impartiality; justice; equality] and God’s community is equitable – business *claims* equity: all are equal and free to take from each other — our *only* motive is God; our motivation is His Kingdom, the Family of God !! – we *become* God by our “being and doing,” by our God-ing !! — the “family of man” has the potential of becoming the “family of God” yet the “family” in either instance is *not* recognized !! – we assume many labels, and these labels take precedence over our *being* Christian, ie., our national labels, our religious labels [Baptist or RC first, even COG first, Christian second (anyone actually “being” or trying to be a Christian would soon discard the labels; actually turning unto God makes God very apparent, God turns unto you !!)] – the Family of Man/Family of God [the physical/spiritual] are a mutuality; the corporate is a wedge driving apart the “body”, ripping it apart, taking what it needs for the “corporate body” discarding the rest [a beast without a conscience] – we must “overcome” the world, “repent” of our/its sins in total, we must separate and withdraw from it !!