Mankind faces a common enemy; that enemy is “business” [the banality of evil; commonplace; unrecognized as such] – the “corporate form” is opposed to God, no matter the cultural expression [expressing God, the consciousness of a God(s) in their lives (His love, attributes); their way to “form” God, to “know” Him, in terms of a particular people, time, place, experience, etc., expressing the God relationship without benefit of the Word of God, or of His Spirit, yet making (a) sense of life (testimony to the human spirit given by God); but, God is *not* carnally formulated (do this and God will do that), and is without carnal love and hate] – the commonalities of giving and love reflect God, the contrivances and excuses to take and hate reflect Satan !! – many today call the various religions and faiths “many paths to the one God,” but that very same God has laid out His path for us to follow [the many paths will eventually lead to, end at, the one path, and that path to God] – many claim Christianity is sourced from a variety of religions and cults, citing many similarities, yet it was the various mysteries, Pantheons, etc., which actually sourced from ancient Hebraism, from the revelation God gave to Adam and Eve [Nimrod, etc., the Mazzaroth] and the Patriarchs — THE GOD FAMILY IS *OPEN-SOURCE* AND INVITES EXAMINATION, DIALOGUE, A REASONING TOGETHER !! — man’s carnal religion(s), including his Christianity, is multi-sourced and polluted, but Christ is ** pure-sourced ** from God the Father Himself, as is His Family !!