** WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO ABOUT OUR ROLES IN THE WORLD ** – the SAGE institutions [IMF, World Bank, WTO, Trilateral Commission, etc.], are there to build solidarity amongst the elites vs. majority control – the rich create poverty; the poor do not create poverty – corruption within the Third World elite; accountability to the SAGE, not to their people; THE ELITE LINKAGES – UNITE FRIENDS, DIVIDE ADVERSARIES is the call of all concerned peoples !! — policy change awareness, ie., fair-trade linkages; electronic democracy [Internet]; SUFFERING MUST BE PUT IN FRONT OF THE EYES OF THE SHAREHOLDERS, ie., “Sweatshop Coffee” [Starbucks vs. fair trade; they finally relented] — an institutional structure to systematically redistribute wealth is growing vs. the 500-year-old violent-transfer-of-wealth systemic [the richest 20% consume 80% of the world’s resources] that exists today [founded/based on violence, oppression, slavery, holocaust] — the Trade-Union Movement is forming alliances at the grass-roots level; a movement from the shop-floor focus to social-unionism [community focus] – THE FINGERS MUST COME TOGETHER INTO A FIST !! – divergent interests, peoples coming together into a mass !! — we must learn to change local law(s) to affect the global economy, ie., responsible investing [e.g. the anti-apartheid movement; 200 corporations pulled out of S. Africa; cities pressured into making selective purchases] CORPORATIONS LIVE IN THE WORSHIP OF MONEY; ** THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL ** — “THUNDER PARTY” PROTESTS, DRUMS/CHANTING, etc. — WE MUST SHAME THESE PEOPLE FOR TAKING AWAY OUR DEMOCRACY; ** SHAME CHANGES LAW(S) !! ** — [based on NPR, Alternative Radio, Kevin Danaher, founder Global Exchange, “Citizen Power”, with additions].