“Sovereign debt” [taxpayers funding the World Bank, IMF] enforcing oppression, extractions of the world’s wealth – IF YOUR VALUE SYSTEM CHANGES NATURE INTO MONEY YOU WILL HAVE ENVIRONMENTAL COLLAPSE !! – WE ARE MAKING AND SHARING PROFITS OFF OF A SYSTEMIC THAT IS STARVING CHILDREN TO DEATH !! — WB and IMF structural adjustment policies in the Third World strengthen capital outflow, but downsize social programs, health care, etc. [FEED THE RICH, NOT THE POOR] – we must protect our health care programs, housing, etc., against the ravages of the market [structural adjustment is here also] – a paradigm shift is taking place [AN IMMUNE RESPONSE]; we must increase this public reaction; a global revolution is taking place [WE WOULD RATHER DIE ON OUR FEET, THAN ON OUR KNEES; Patrick Henry “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH”] — a global movement that understands that WE CAN SAVE OURSELVES [we are the active agency of God]; solidarity = UNITY of goals, purpose; individualism must be subordinated to the group process !! — (LOVER)/(REVOL)UTIONARY — THE CULT OF POWERLESSNESS IS THE VOICE OF THE OPPRESSOR !! – cynicism [root: like a dog] is retarding the global revolution; our HEART/SPIRIT must take precedence — SAGE-Corporate imposition, imprintation of insecurity, imagined needs [consumerism; acquire, take for yourself] vs. love, compassion, sharing, giving [secure foundation] — [based on NPR, Alternative Radio, Kevin Danaher, founder Global Exchange, “Citizen Power”, with additions]