The “market” [the imposed, instilled, contrived needs] acts as arbiter for business; it is its conscience [MARKET AS BEAST]; within lies the need(s) [real, imagined, created], the desires, the covetousness, the seduction [THE IMPOSED PSYCHOSIS]; THE MARKET IS SHAPED, MOULDED IN SUPPORT OF THE CORPORATE, BY THE CORPORATE – the corporate feed/starve the market, it manufactures and controls both its money and its products [MONEY = GOD, BUSINESS = RELIGION, MARKET = CHURCH, CORPORATE = HIERARCHY; the marketers are evangelists, etc.] – BUSINESS IS A SYSTEM OF BELIEF BASED ON FAITH [CONFIDENCE]; IT IS A FAITH CONSTRUCT !! – the Nation-State is an extension of the corporate [now complete; Americanada Inc.]; the national interest has been privatized; national policies [foreign and domestic] are products of the SAGE-Corporate in the service of business — CHRISTIANITY DOES *NOT* FIGHT BUSINESS, IT WITHDRAWS FROM ANY ASSOCIATION WITH IT AND EMPLOYS ITSELF AS AN ALTERNATIVE; THE COMMUNITY OF GOD [LOVE] !! – resources [the means of accomplishing something (natural, human resources); source of strength or ability within oneself (inner resources); ability to deal promptly and effectively with problems, difficulties (resourcefulness)] are of primary concern and determination [ALL COMES FROM GOD; GOD’S WILL] !! — EVERY CHRISTIAN IS CALLED AND ORDAINED TO SERVICE; no Christian is to be regarded as sub-ordained [a subordinate; inferior or placed below another in rank, power, importance, etc., secondary; controlled; subdued; made obedient] or sub-servient [useful, helpful, or of service, especially in an inferior or subordinate capacity; servility]; CHRISTIANITY IS *NOT* SUBORDINATION NOR SUBSERVIENCY !! – ** Christianity is in a state of subreption ** [deliberate concealment or misrepresentation of facts so as to gain some benefit or advantage; an erroneous inference or conclusion induced by this], whether known or unknown the results are there: the “Ministry” are the “anti-Anointed” !! [late Latin subrepti, subreptin-, from Latin, *theft*, from subreptus, past participle of surripere, subripere, *to take away secretly*; see surreptitious (subrep·titious (-tshs) adj.)] [Rev 3:11 Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man *take* thy crown.]