Corporate/carnal/secular-Christianity, CHRIST Inc., [of many variants; many blends, the COG Inc.] is easily identified; wherever there is benefit or advantage for one or many, either claimed, or given and accepted, there is VIOLATION OF GOD’S LOVE, there is TAKING, USING GOD’S NAME IN VAIN !! – WE ARE *ALL* CHRISTIANS AND ARE TO REGARD EACH OTHER AS SUCH !! – YOU *CANNOT* TAKE THE NAME OF CHRIST AND BE SUBORDINATE OR SUBSERVIENT TO ANYONE, WITHIN OR WITHOUT THE BODY OF CHRIST !! – yet, we are called to service, to serve in love and wisdom; Christ was not subordinate or subservient, yet He laid down His life for those who would make Him so, and so too must we be willing !! — we are on a first name basis with Jesus Christ our brother, and we should be on a first name basis with all of our brothers and sisters in Christ; we have all taken His name; there is only *one* name; there is no privileged title !! – THERE IS NO TITLE PRIVILEGED OVER THE NAME OF CHRIST EXCEPT OUR FATHER’S !! – yet, OUR FATHER’S NAME(S) ARE OURS ALSO; the Family of God, the Church of God, the Community of God; God’s very Names are indications of our response-abilities, of our ** collective ministration ** !! — to be a Christian is to be ** re-sensitized ** to the suffering in the world, to its causation and solution vs. the implicit and gradual de-sensitization of/by constant and increased exposure [real and fictional (media, movies, etc.)], and by imposed *fear* [real and imagined; MAMMON] – A CHRISTIAN DOES NOT WALK BY, INSTEAD, WE STOP AND ASK WHY !!