Response-ability, the ability to respond: RESPONSIVE SUBSTITUTIONS !! – Christianity provides the ability to respond; God’s community provides the substitution [to the world’s systemic]; ** FELLOWSHIP ** – ONCE YOU ACCEPT GOD AND ARE BEGOTTEN, GOD PROVIDES THE RESPONSE-ABILITY !! – carnal mankind is NOT able to respond to the SAGE-systemic; only the CHRIST-SYSTEMIC makes change possible, only God’s community can provide the alternative – most are not irresponsible, they are non-response-able, MOST CANNOT RESPOND, THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO !! – ** the COG *is* IRRESPONSIBLE **, they are able to respond, yet they lack a sense of response-ability; the corporate-church is to blame, it usurps responsibility, narrowly defined according to its own benefit !! – business is certainly irrational, irreligious, irreverent, irredeemable, irreconcilable, but certainly NOT irrepressible [cannot be repressed or restrained] or irrecusable [cannot be refused or rejected] – THE COG INC. IS AGAINST GOD’S ANOINTED [CHRIST AND HIS BRETHREN]; the COG Inc. “Ministry” is the ** SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST [ANTI-ANOINTED] [1 John 2-18,19] ** – THEY DENY THE ANOINTING, THEY CONFESS NOT THAT JESUS CHRIST *IS COME IN THE FLESH* [the COG brethren; that the brethren *are* Christ (they confess the brethren are the “body of Christ”, yet THEY CONFESS NOT HIS VERY FLESH !!)]; THEY REFUSE THE BRETHREN THEIR RESPONSE-ABILITY, THEIR ANOINTING AS PRIESTS OF GOD, YET THEY CLAIM THE ANOINTING [ORDINATION] THEMSELVES [IN EFFECT FALSE CHRISTS]; THEY ARE ** TAKING GOD’S NAME IN VAIN **, THEY ARE WORSHIPPING GOD IN VAIN !! — ** CHRIST [ANOINTED] IS COME IN THE FLESH OF EVERY BEGOTTEN CHRISTIAN ** – the COG Inc. does not deny Christ’s earthly ministry [being born of the flesh and subject to temptation, yet without sin, to pay the penalty in our stead] but they do deny, and do not confess ** the ministry of His flesh ** today, the body of “Christ” [the COG], THE BODY ANOINTED !!