The spirit of anti-Christ, the anti-Anointed comes out of the COG [1 John 2:19]; is it the brethren denying the corporate church, the “ordained” professional ministry/eldership or is it the corporate church denying the body of Christ, the “anointed” brethren ?? – is “Christ come in the flesh” the body of Christ or only a select few of that body, or neither ?? – is the COG speaking the truth “in love” or just speaking the truth for other reasons, and if so what are the reasons ?? – is the corporate ministry “taking” God’s name in vain, are they “falsely anointed,” self-ordained “false Christ’s” ?? – what does it mean to “take” God’s name, to be a “Christian” ?? – are we as the body of Christ denying the name of Christ [Anointed], our ministration of gifts, or are these spiritual gifts not gifts at all, but select offices to be ranked, or given as reward ?? – is our love being “made perfect,” are we AS GOD in this world, our nature of interaction ?? – are we destroying the “works of the devil” or employing them ?? – is a corporate hierarchy the “image of the beast” ?? – is the primacy of Peter a valid doctrine ?? – are we brothers and sisters, no more, no less ?? – are we separated from the world or friends with it [party politics/group religion] ?? – is our choice MAMMON or MESSIAH ?? – ARE WE LOVE, AS GOD IS LOVE ?? – are we rooted and grounded in love, are we walking in love, are we walking in wisdom toward them that are without ?? – do we as brothers and sisters, or do our corporate groups, fit the definitions of love, wisdom, God, etc. ?? – do we know God, and does God know us ?? – does God rule us or do we try to rule God, and what does it mean to rule ?? – DOES GOD SERVE HIS CREATION OR DOES THE CREATION SERVE GOD ?? — THESE ARE QUESTIONS WE MUST ALL CONSIDER AND ANSWER WITHIN !!