God’s gifts are *not* a job, they are a service response-ability [for our collective ministration] given at Baptism, our “Anointing” [we are ALL called to minister the gifts God has given us; ministry is something freely done, freely shared, freely given; ministry is NOT a position, NOT an office, IT IS AN ACT OF COMMON FELLOWSHIP, OF LOVE !!] – all spiritual gifts are held equal, they do not belong to the individual [they belong to the Body of Christ]; neither are some gifts worthy of payment [wages], and others not – any gifts shared between congregations, ie., teaching, etc., are “worthy of their hire” and this means that the local congregation provides for the needs of the teacher [God’s gifts are to be freely offered; without money, without price] and sends him/her on their way to the next congregation, and they provide in turn [we are *not* to go house to house collecting provisions] – elders are those mature in the spirit, those who gently shepherd the congregation [all elders are local elders, but not every elder is a “pastor” as we use the term today], who serve and lead by example and gentle persuasion, in servant authority !! — our *acts of common fellowship* are possible only within God’s self-sufficient community context; ** the Gospel is the community **, our citizenship wholly conformed to the ** LIVING GOSPEL ** [the *full* preaching and witness] – the world’s context has imposed the corporate church upon us, where God’s free spiritual gifts are defined as, and are considered, jobs and positions worthy of wages – IT IS NOW TIME FOR THE COLLECTIVE BODY OF CHRIST TO MAKE GOD’S COMMUNITY POSSIBLE, ** TO CLAIM OUR HABITATION **, TO WALK AS THE “ANOINTED” AND TO FREELY MINISTER GOD’S GIFTS, IN LOVE AND WISDOM !!