No individual Christian’s anointing is better than another’s; no Christian is over his fellows; no Christian’s ministry is more valuable, nor to be valued, over another’s; no Christian is privileged over another [the corporate environment superseding Christ Himself] – THERE IS ONLY ONE CHRIST AND ONE ANOINTING – ** OUR COLLECTIVE MINISTRIES EXIST AND WORK TOGETHER ** – THEY WORK THE ONE AND SELFSAME SPIRIT – there is no private, or individual ministration of God’s gift(s); it is impossible as no one single individual,or grouping of individuals can represent the vast multiplicity of God, His manifold love and wisdom, the vast combinations of possible gifts; their limited ministration cannot discern the need nor fulfil the application !! — those to whom much is given, much is required [Luke 12:48]; those to whom the greater response-ability is given are to be in greater service to the whole NOT to themselves; WE MUST *ALL* WALK IN LOVE AND WISDOM AND *DEEP HUMILITY* BEFORE OUR GOD, AND BEFORE EACH OTHER !! — the “taking” of God’s gifts for corporate gain and position is the “spirit of antichrist”, it denies the “anointed body” and “takes God’s name in vain” !! – WE ARE TO GO FORWARD AND TEACH, AND BE TAUGHT OF, EACH OTHER, UNDER CHRIST’S TUTELAGE AND GUIDANCE !! – many believe that God’s love is real, but that He is not; even within the COG many profess belief in the “power of God” but actually believe in the “power of money” or equate the two – corporate money takes, it does not give; it is worthless in the application of God’s love !! — God’s gifts do *not* impart power, authority or privilege, and are not to be taken for, or employed, as such; God’s gifts impart humble servanthood, collectively ministered in meekness and love !!