Each Christian is an application of God’s love; WE ARE THE GOSPEL, WE HAVE BECOME THE GOSPEL, WE HAVE BECOME THE KINGDOM [the character imprint of God]; ** WE ARE LIVING STONES; WE ARE THE TEMPLE OF GOD ** — the Gospel is our habitation, it is our PATH(S) TO DWELL IN [repair the breach, restore the paths to dwell in]; WE LIVE *WITHIN* THE GOSPEL OF TRUTH !! – we truly are the PEOPLE OF THE BOOK; WE BECOME THE BOOK, WE ARE WRITING THE “SECOND BOOK OF ACTS” DAILY – our *living community* is the alternative to this world, the LIGHT of CHRIST, the ** ANOINTED COMMUNITY !! ** – we have [we hold; keep; possess in mind] the “testimony of Jesus Christ,” therefore we become, we *are* the spirit of prophecy [as determinant] !! – WHAT CHRIST WAS AND IS, WE BECOME [as he is, so are we in this world] !! – CHRIST COME IN THE FLESH !! — many feel that life holds nothing for them, they feel dispossessed, lifeless; the COG offers them, holds out to them the very life of Christ Himself, they become ** LIFE-FULL **, they become life itself; they now are the *life-offer* for others; previously life held nothing for them, now LIFE HOLDS EVERYTHING !! — the empty pursuits of this world are just that, empty, and they really do hold nothing for most, but they are *not* life, God is not present in them !! – money does *not* “give” any human being right over any other human being; no one has claim over another; MONEY *TAKES* THE RIGHTS OF THE OTHER; MONEY IS AN *ARTIFICIAL CLAIM AS EXCUSE*, A FALSE, INHUMAN CLAIM !!