Money [private, corporate] can only *TAKE* as it has *nothing* to give [it gives only what it has taken and is called benefactor]; money is the subordination of humankind; MONEY IS EVIL INSTRUMENTALIZED; MONEY TAKES OUR HUMANITY, MONEY COMMODIFIES LIFE ITSELF; MONEY ATTEMPTS TO COMMODIFY EVEN GOD – MONEY ENSURES SURVIVAL AT THE EXPENSE OF ANOTHER, TAKING THE LIFE OF THE OTHER !! – MONEY IS SLAVERY, MONEY IS MURDER [way of gain, way of Cain] !! – money/business; the exchange of evil !! – MONEY IS A WAY OF THOUGHT, A WAY OF BEING; MONEY IS INSANITY, A PSYCHOSIS !! – money is power and force; money buys what the world offers, but *cannot* buy what God offers [God is *FREE*; without money, without price] – money/wealth encapsulated = incorporation !! — the incorporation of God = the incarnation of Satan !! — incorporation puts the “called out one’s” back into the world – the COG Inc., is a closed association, not the “open association” envisioned by Christ; it is a contrived substitute [advantage enthroned] for community, a limited and limiting form, contrived and utilized by limited minds !! — corporate money is carnality incarnated, enabled and maintained by the works of the flesh [Gal 5:19] !! – God’s love and wisdom disables and undermines this support — ** Christianity applied and lived makes worthless the world’s monies **; you cannot use an instrumentality to build the COG that is negated by the very God-systemic being built, nor can you use an instrumentality whose foundation is diametrically opposed to God and His community, you negate the community as a result; GOD’S COMMUNITY CAN ONLY BE BUILT BY HIS LOVE AND WISDOM !! — WE MUST TURN ANY CORPORATE MONEY HELD AGAINST ITSELF, TO RIGHT ITS WRONGS; WE MUST NOT USE IT TO BUILD WEALTH FOR OURSELVES, NEGATING OUR CHRISTIANITY !!