God’s community is a *household establishment* [L familia], a social unit; the fellowship [L communitas], a familial [of, involving, or common to a family] relationship [GOD IS A FAMILY; the Sabbath is ** family day ** !!] – the 10C are a familiarity [close association; free and intimate behavior; absence of formality and ceremony; friendly, informal; intimate knowledge of] with God and ourselves !! – FAMILY ENVELOPED IN PURE AGAPE LOVE !! [God’s environment (all the conditions, circumstances and influences surrounding, and affecting the development of); environ (to surround, encircle)] – we are COMPANIONS [lit., bread fellow, one who eats the same bread; THE BREAD OF LIFE = CHRIST]; COMPANIONSHIP [the relationship of companions; fellowship] — community founded and based on commonwealth and equity [all human’s are 99.9% identical at the genetic level; 1 letter in 1000, a 1/10 of 01% difference]; genius released from “artificial restraint”; the full capacity of humanity employed for itself !! – a *God setting* [foundation (Adonay; God’s ownership shared) and motivation (discovery; wisdom; creation) of God; free and open exchange of information, resources, labor, etc.] NOT a business setting [rule by big money; generation of private wealth as progress (the profit motive); development and selling of products; imposed cost (private ownership costs; resources claimed) and closed (patented; proprietary) information]; the *corporate usurpation* of God given intelligence(s) and resources — WE ARE TO FREELY SHARE ALL THAT GOD HAS FREELY SHARED WITH US – EACH HUMAN BEING IS *A GIFT FROM GOD* TO EVERY OTHER HUMAN BEING – WE ARE/WERE CREATED FOR EACH OTHER !! – the COG is the template, the pattern for all humanity to follow !! — our prevalent systemic(s) exist because we believe in, or just accept them; they are categories of thought, they exist in our heads; their only authority and form is what we give them [deeply etched; mythic] !! [WE ARE TO BRING OUR EVERY THOUGHT TO THE OBEDIENCE OF CHRIST, 2 Cor 10:5] – CHRIST IS A DIFFERENT THOUGHT FORM, A DIFFERENT AUTHORITY !!