“The role of private money in politics has become so extortionist, so gross [the “king of the lie”] – term limits increase the power of the bureaucrats and lobbyists as they are the one’s who stick around, they have the working knowledge, the memory” [NPR, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., “The Future of Democracy”] — the privatization of government [all levels], the privatization of foreign policy, etc., [ie., the military in (mercenary) service of the corporate; the MIIM] is complete – we are trained [warned] NOT to see !! — business as ** right ** [overriding right to exploit, oppress, etc.]; business as “primary concern” vs. the environment, human rights, civil rights, etc.; business as “sovereign agency” in the service of “private economy”; business as lens, as judge and jury — the unholy transmission of trauma and fear through the generations [cultural collisions; the violent convergence of class and race] — God-given human genius perverted into a weapon, potential subverted, desires extorted, common heritage expropriated; business as instrumentality of pure evil, as expression; the theft of future claim, selfish disregard of future rights; selfish means taking, violating our humanity, our obligation to our children, ie., irresponsible modes of transportation, senseless waste and pollution of our common home, the claim of right to “private” habitation and wealth; THE CLAIM OF PROFIT OVER HUMAN LIFE, THE DIVINE RIGHT OF CAPITAL = MAMMON !! – BUSINESS IS THE EXPRESSION OF OUR ** INHUMANITY ** [THE BEAST WITHIN] !! – the diminishment of our species, of our collective intelligence; WE ARE AMONG THE FALLEN !! – ** ISRAEL WAS, AND IS, AND WILL BE, A *GIFT* TO BE FREELY SHARED AND CLAIMED ** !!