The currency of ** LOVE ** is our means of exchange [of everything !!] – 1 Cor 14:40 “let *all* things be done decently [honestly] and in order”; GOD IS LOVE, AND SO ARE WE !! – we are the children of LOVE; the kingdom of LOVE is within us; the gospel of LOVE is truth – the tribulation [the curse] arrives *because* of us [the “great transgression”], NOT in spite of us !! – the very fact that we have something to write about [the curses] is because of our failure as the COG, the people of God, as God’s “House of Prayer” [** discerning, petitioning, bringing God’s will on the earth **] !! — the Nation(-State) is actually the “physical church” and indeed the brethren [citizens] have been made merchandise of !! — the secular priests are the imposed leaders [ie., the politicians, CEO’s, etc., the social elite]; the business guru’s [the prophets of profit]; the economists, the scholars [the theologians]; BUSINESS IS CLAIMED AS [HAS CLAIMED; IMPOSED ON US AS] ABSOLUTE RELIGION; A DEMANDING, UNFORGIVING, UNLOVING GOD — what we actually employ in the western nations [Israel] is “democratic-fascism”, an elected face/mask on a fascist systemic [a system of government characterized by rigid one-party (business party) dictatorship, forcible suppression of opposition, private economic enterprise under centralized governmental control (the SAGE-MIIM); belligerent (bellicose, warlike; a readiness to fight) nationalism, racism, and militarism, etc.]; BUSINESS IS BELLIGERENCY [the state of being at war, or of being recognized as a belligerent (belligerence: aggressively hostile attitude, nature or quality); business is an adversarial covenant designed to employ, produce and secure an artificially contrived resource (money)] — LOVE AS ABSOLUTE MODE [pure form; way of being] AND SYSTEMIC, IS NULLIFIED, IS MADE ABSENT [withheld, restrained, negated] FROM PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL ISRAEL; BUSINESS AS ETHOS IS THE ANTITHESIS [exactly opposite and opposed; an opposition of thought (psychosis)] OF GOD’S LOVE !!

1 John 4:17. Herein is *our love made perfect*, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: ** because as he is, so are we in this world ** [** WE MUST BE AS GOD IN THIS WORLD ** = OUR LOVE MADE PERFECT !!] [** CHRIST COME IN THE FLESH, OUR FLESH **].