You can know and understand a subject, but not apply it [it is not wisdom to you (the application of knowledge; it has no voluntary influence over you, though it can have an involuntary influence, the result of others imposing their will, or by nature, good or bad !!)] — within the COG is the pure word of God and the filtered word of God [through the various COG Inc.’s (the miry clay; impurities added)]; we must be discerning of the pure word, especially of government [the main subject of carnal contention within the COG, much to our shame (God’s people are a community to which we all belong, not a commodity which belongs to a select few; this applies to the natural world as well; gift-diversity/bio-diversity)] – there are many authors within the church, each explaining an understanding given by God [within their own context] that must be presented to the body of Christ, “the common table”, for ** THE WORKING OF THE SPIRIT ** [1 Cor 12:11; food for thought; God’s gifts; non-copyrighted: God owns the copyright] – all truth has been, and is, passed from faith to faith [Rom 1:17], being built by love; all untruth in the COG has NOT been built by love; GOD’S LOVE REVEALS THE ERROR; EACH OF US MUST ASSUME PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE FUTURE, FOR THE CHURCH !! – ARE WE REALLY THE PEOPLE WHO WE THINK WE ARE, ARE WE ** THE PEOPLE OF GOD ** ?? – any man who expects or demands esteem or reverence from his fellows is *NOT* a servant of Christ; this man has *NO* authority, as authority is based on servanthood [servant-authority; by example, persuasion] !!