A sense of injustice, a calling – there are many who are aware and care far more than most in the COG – this is an indictment of us, of our rejection of who, and what we are, of our responsibilities as the one “people of God” – ** WE MUST STAND ASHAMED ** !! – the COG Inc., enforcing our emotional isolation, substituting our pitiful and selfish efforts [our warning work; Gospel as product], calling them the “work of God” CONDEMNS US !! – WALKING THE PATH TOWARDS GOD WHILE LEAVING ANY BEHIND [IGNORING, EVEN DENYING SOME] ** NEGATES OUR CALLING ** !! – WE ARE NEGATING THE LOVE OF GOD HIMSELF !! – OUR CALLING IS PRIMARILY ** HEALING ** NOT WARNING !! – WE MUST ESTABLISH GOD’S COMMUNITY; GOD MUST BE OPENED TO ALL, MADE AVAILABLE — those who radiate compassion and charity, mercy and truth are the face of God on this earth [FROM WHICH EVIL FLEES AND IS PURGED]; yet, the body of Christ seems FACELESS !! – CHRIST IS OUR HEAD AND WE HIDE HIM, WE MASK HIM, WE DENY HIM THE WORLD, WE DENY THE WORLD HIM !! – HOW DARE WE SEEK GOD WHILE IGNORING OUR HUMANITY !! – TO SEEK GOD, WHILE LOSING SIGHT OF ONE’S HUMANITY, IS TO LOSE SIGHT OF *EVERYTHING*, IT IS TO LOSE EVERYTHING !! – the implications of who we are does not seem apparent within the body of Christ, nor in the world [PEOPLE OF LOVE]; OUR PRESENCE IS UNKNOWN, IT IS *NOT* FELT !!