Christianity is a ** complete ** living systemic [operating system] — it is *NOT* a shell overlaying the world’s systemic !! — Christianity is DIRECT-CONSENSUS DEMOCRACY, it is COMMUNITARIAN-COMMUNALISM, a COMMONWEALTH RELATIONSHIP where each autonomous-sovereign community is a congregation [COMMUNITY-CONGREGATION], and each person a SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL GUIDED BY GOD; Christianity is directly ** opposed ** to business/corporate-capitalism [business in any variant; private claim/ownership of the means of life] – Christianity is opposed to any encapsulation; Christianity is based on LOVE as its operative principle and foundation !! – each community is an ** Adonim franchise ** [Adonim, the plural of Adon, carries all the meaning of Adon (Lord, as Ruler of the earth), but to a higher degree; God is the owner and proprietor of the earth, the Lord who rules his own] – Christianity is absolute freedom [as relation]; God will level [leveller] you if you allow him; absolute egalitarianism [all doors opened for everyone; the universe] !! – FREE-DOM [-dom: state, position, power; rank or position of; domain (right of ownership; estate; field or sphere of activity or influence); dominion (king-dom); fact or state of being (wis-dom; martyr-dom); a total of all who are (Christian-dom)]; [Dom: L dominus, a lord, master; a title given to certain monks and clerics (we are NOT dom-minions)] – Christianity is opposed to all forms of hierarchy and all institutions based and dependent on it, to any implementation whatsoever !! – Christianity is an open ** SOCIETY OF THE GIFT ** [of being gifted and gifting]; GOD WILL *GIVE* US HIS HEART AND MIND IF ONLY WE WILL LET HIM, TO FREELY SHARE WITH OTHERS, SO THAT THEY, IN TURN, MAY RECEIVE AND SHARE – RESPONSE-ABILITY (responsibility) !!