The COG must remove itself out of the Satan’s *business context* [human beings considered chattel, commodities, consumers] and into God’s *community context* – how we regard our fellow-man, and how we conduct ourselves towards him, must be *as God*; we must see with eyes as flames of fire [*all* must be regarded through the Word of Truth], and we must conduct ourselves with pure, agape love, in righteousness !! – this [is] the ** law of the house ** [Ezek 43:1-12]; GOD’S COMMUNITY MUST KEEP, AND DO, THE *WHOLE FORM* OF GOD’S HOUSE; Upon the top of the mountain the whole limit thereof round about [shall be] ** most holy ** — THE COG IS SHAMEFULLY *UNPREPARED* FOR THE RETURN OF CHRIST, we must *prepare the way of the LORD* – the teaching that the various COG Inc.’s are branches of God’s true church, or holding the belief that one organization is the one true church, are both false; every Christian is a branch on the vine [Christ] with God the Father as husbandman – each-and-every local congregation is made up of clusters of grapes; each Christian is a cluster of grapes, slowly maturing in a favorable climate, rooted in good earth [various locals; earth composition], each with a different flavor [vintage, etc.]; each grape a precious truth held, maturing into a fine wine of truth; strong drink – promised land: cluster of plump grapes [well watered truth; fine wine] and produce, fruits [good works].