MOST DO NOT KNOW THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG !! – most people think this world is a fairly good place; they are busy, they are entertained; they have bought into the system – they do not know that this systemic is a blend of “good and evil” [they are aware but they do NOT know] — Christ came to save us from our sins, to give us liberty, to establish righteous community [the relationship of God]; this itself indicates a systemic in error, an evil systemic with an infrastructure in support of, and maintaining the underlying oppression and fear engendered [sin is the transgression of the character of God, the 10C]; our systemic exemplifies the character of Satan, it is adversarial in nature !! – FEAR IS ITS FOUNDATIONAL EMOTION, fear of the other, fear of our own true selves, fear of losing control, etc., all of these can become “false gods” to which we may be [and are] enslaved – SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION REQUIRES COMPASSION; BY MERCY AND TRUTH INIQUITY IS PURGED – OUR SPIRITUAL ATTITUDE AND HEALTH IS PARAMOUNT !! – WE FACE A PERVASIVE SPIRITUAL CRISIS; MANKIND IS SPIRITUALLY ILL; WE MUST BE AWARE THAT SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY WRONG HERE, THAT THINGS MUST CHANGE [the *CALL of GOD*]; OUR HEALING BEGINS THE MOMENT WE RECOGNIZE THE POSSIBILITY OF POSSIBILITY [of healing and transformation] – Christ provided us the way with His sacrifice [Salvation = healing; liberation]; the unleavened bread of affliction, the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth to feed the deep spiritual hunger of mankind – God’s UNLEAVENED COMMUNITY  testifying to God’s presence in the world, is to insist on shifting our focus from pain to hope, and to dedicate our energies to transforming this world and ourselves – GOD IS CALLING US TO CREATE NEW FORMS OF CONTACT; THE BODY OF CHRIST BECOMES MOST FULLY CHRIST’S BODY ONLY *WHEN WE SEEK TO KNOW AND ACT AS PART OF IT* !! — [Transformation based on Tikkun, Passover suppl.]