Measure yourself according to God’s measurements, not the world’s; who [being] and what [doing] we are; SEEK TO KNOW, AND THEN ACT !! – CHRIST CAME TO DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL; God’s *understanding* impels us TO DEPART FROM EVIL; with the understanding comes the sacrifice, our part as the SURETY [2 Timothy 2:19, depart] – our systemic is a mixture of “good and evil” and departing from the evil leaves the good; we are to be perfect, pure and Holy, therefore *all* iniquity is to be withdrawn from, *all* use of its instrumentalities; there are *NO* exceptions !! – the systemic withdrawn from must be replaced by God’s Community, righteous and equitable in all of its social relations and applications – AS WE SERVE THE OTHER, WE ARE SERVED; a Christian gives and receives but never takes; THE GIFTED ARE TO GIFT; WE ARE TO GIFT THE GIFTS THAT WERE GIFTED TO US IN HUMBLE SERVICE [our ** COLLECTIVE MINISTRATION ** of God’s gifts]; these are NOT our individual gifts; they are entrusted to us to share; THE GIFTS BELONG TO US ALL !!  [IF WE TAKE AND INCORPORATE, THEN WE NEGATE]; the *unleavened bread* of sincerity and truth, not the *leavened bread* of the corporate ministry [not old leaven, neither leaven of malice  and wickedness (1 Cor 5:7-8)] – OUR PROFESSION IS THE COMMUNITY OF GOD – WE ARE TO BE SAVIORS TO THE WORLD; SALVATION = HEALING – a doctor can mend you but he cannot heal you, only God can heal you [divine healing; our immune system; the creation code]; FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD, and this applies also to healing; faith in God to heal requires our works [organic foods, no smoking, no drinking to excess, etc., maintaining our good health = works] — GOD’S RIGHTEOUS COMMUNITY CAN MEND THE WORLD, BUT ONLY GOD CAN HEAL THE WORLD !!