Christ took upon Himself our iniquities, He was acquainted with grief; He bore our griefs, and carried our sorrows, and WE MUST DO THE SAME !! — THE COG IS THE ARM OF THE LORD, the application of God’s Hand, His power in the world today [God determines where His hand is directed and applied; we must be aware of the incredible privilege and responsibility that God has given to us]; BY *STRENGTH* OF HAND GOD BROUGHT ISRAEL¬†OUT OF EGYPT [SIN], OUT OF SLAVERY [OPPRESSION; THE HOUSE OF BONDAGE]; ** BY STRENGTH OF HAND WE DEPART FROM EVIL ** – the Community of God must grow up as a tender plant, as a *root out of a dry ground* [parched; no spiritual water], and assume the iniquities of those around us, as SURETY; the Community must do NO violence, there must be NO deceit in our mouths [complete and total withdrawal from the SAGE-Corporate systemic]; we will be despised and rejected of men, but we must be willing to pour out our souls unto death [martyrs; God’s witnesses before the courts of men)] – Godliness will be very unpopular, persecution will follow, but we must make *intercession* [the act of interceding; mediation, pleading, or prayer in behalf of another or others] for the transgressors; we must intercede [to plead or make a request in behalf of another or others; to intervene for the purpose of producing agreement; mediate]; GOD’S HOUSE IS ** A HOUSE OF PRAYER ** NOT A DEN OF THIEVES [the BONDWOMAN], AND PRAYER IS POWERFUL, IT PRODUCES *GOD’S WILL* !! — Hebrew legend says [of the Exodus story] a lamb was chosen as
sacrifice because the Egyptians worshipped a ram (Aries), and Israel had to show publicly that they disavowed such idolatry before God would release them from bondage; in-like-manner our society worships corporate money, the “almighty dollar” and we must sacrifice this object of idolatry publicly in order for God to release us from its systemic bondage [we are the active agency of God; we release under His guidance] !!