The message of Moses and Elijah is now before the COG Inc., and the fellowship: RELEASE GOD’S PEOPLE FROM BONDAGE; DEPART FROM EVIL, REVIVE THE SPIRIT OF THE HUMBLE, REVIVE THE HEART [THE ONE HEART] OF THE CONTRITE ONES; *TURN* THE ONE HEART UNTO SALVATION, BE INNOCENT OF THE GREAT TRANSGRESSION [RESULTANT; HOLOCAUST]; CHOOSE MESSIAH NOT MAMMON – the message is ** RETURN TO GOD ** – RETURN TO THEIR ORIGINAL AND PURE IMAGE AND LIKENESS: IMAGE [emulation; copy; reflection (visual impression); conception (mentation; God’s consciousness); embodiment (character); imago (unconscious construction)]; LIKENESS [the state or quality of being alike, similarity; semblance (appearance); KIND].

The Body of Christ *is* the ** Ministry of Christ ** !! – the church must enter its proper context; God and humanity are waiting for us [the whole creation is waiting for the revealing of the sons of God]; the truth is being held in unrighteousness !! — we all seek a *God context* in our lives, the *relationship*; we seek love [to love and be loved], family, security, peace, purpose, etc., we stumble in our attempts; there is a systemic in control of us [an artificial; a synthetic; a contrived systemic opposed to who and what God is, and what man can be]; our voice, our needs are *not* heard; we are confined in our attempts at God; we cannot find Him – every human being recognizes “the God” [the Divine] in their lives [or lack of the same], but they do not know it as Him [GOD IS LOVE] !! — the Roman systemic rules the COG Inc. by consent, *our* consent; the “old leaven” of hierarchy, and the “leaven of malice and wickedness” the business systemic employed [the spiritual illness of the COG (and of humanity) is the result] – God sees each man and woman as an embodiment of the world [God sees Himself in each man and woman; the God potential], and so must we; God reigns amongst His people, the Kingdom of God is within you, it is our relationship, our bond, our kinship, our role as family of/with God !! – I AM THAT I AM, we become God, the full character imprint, and God becomes us; we inherit creation and the responsibilities !! – the 10C are God’s nature of interaction for His family, His character [business violates, rips apart this relationship; BUSINESS IS THE *NEGATION OF GOD* IN ALL OF OUR RELATIONS !!]; FAMILY OF GOD = GUARDIANSHIP OF THE COMMUNITY !! – WATCHMAN, to watch over and protect, keep safe; readiness.