Isa 10:17 And the light of Israel shall be for a fire, and his Holy One for a flame; Psa 104:4 His ministers a flaming fire; Heb 1:7 His ministers a flame of fire – CHRIST IS THE FLAME WHICH COMPOSES THE FIRE OF HIS CHURCH, PRODUCING ITS LIGHT; His ministers [ministration of gifts] become the “flame” that is Christ, they see with Christ’s vision [eyes as flames of fire; seeing all through God’s Word; strength of vision dividing asunder soul and spirit]; His ministers become His Word, the *full voice* of God – the THORN MINISTRY is burned and devoured, *its* glory and work destroyed, by God’s Word !! – God’s Voice, His ministers will plead with all flesh; preaching = admonition and teaching]; God’s voice thunders, is powerful, is full of majesty [FULL AUTHORITY FROM GOD’S THRONE]; the voice of the LORD divideth the flames of fire [every part of the body, the ministry of gifts] working together, piercing all [armor-piercing vs. all masks, all excuses], it breaks the framework of error, it shakes the wilderness [the SAGE systemic will be shaken apart (economic and social earthquakes); iniquity shall cease], God’s glory [His systemic] shall be revealed !! – the work of Christ’s ministry of gifts is to prepare the *way of the LORD*, to make straight in the desert a *highway for our God*” [Isa 40:3-5, 9-10, an Elijah Work; Prov 16:17 The *highway of the upright* [is] to depart from evil: he that keepeth his way preserveth his soul]; to take up the *stumbling block* out-of-the-way of God’s people [the COG Inc., 1 John 2:10], TO REVIVE THE SPIRIT OF THE HUMBLE; TO REVIVE THE HEART (THE ONE HEART) OF THE CONTRITE ONES; TO *TURN* THE ONE HEART UNTO SALVATION vs. THE HOLOCAUST [Mal 4:3] !!