We become what we think about; we condition ourselves to believe – our “weight” [the trail that is left behind us; we are dragging our past baggage along; our excuses, our justifications, our definitions] keeps us from rising to new levels – our present moment’s thought(s) is what is driving us forward — fragmented mentation = frag-mentation; seeking order out of chaos: the COG consensus view = the CONSENSUS, the (selfish) group think = fragmented; a consensus nonconsensus [the various COG Inc.’s all claiming God] — God will bring *justice* to the (mis)application of His Law — we are not just functions, or motives, we are alive, we are *meaning*, we have meaning !! – God is  *truth and dialogue* vs. the violent [emotional] convergence of God’s Way and man’s way; we must release the carnal, the blame; we must send each other our love, God’s agape love; GOD WILL HEAL OUR SELF-INFLICTED WOUNDS !! — the carnal accusations, the backbiting, the lawsuits, copyrights, etc., that the COG is guilty of, must teach us that ** what comes out is what is inside **; WE MUST OPEN TO THE PERFECT LOVE OF GOD AND CAST OUT THE FEAR WITHIN THE COG !! – OUR SELFISH, SECTARIAN AWARENESS MUST GIVE WAY TO GOD’S HOLY, SACRED AWARENESS !! – our limited capacity [our sins limit us; our abilities] will open to God’s unlimited healing capacity; mindfulness of, and KNOWING GOD FROM *WITHIN* releases any doubt, any fear; WE ARE *NOT* SEPARATE FROM EACH OTHER, AND NEITHER CAN WE BE !! – the question of who is right and who is wrong, from within the COG, is answered when we acknowledge that *only God is right* !!