We acknowledge God when we acknowledge our own mortality [through awareness and/or crisis; the *fear* of death; the lack of meaning or purpose; Heb 2:14-15, the one who *holds* its power (in hand, in mind; the darkness of ignorance and sin, the misery; in *our application* of the devil’s nature); we are in *bondage* (to another’s will) because of this fear; THE WAY OUT IS CHRIST !!] – our technocratic society [as well as its resultant/engendered religions (old and new age; authored by, and using the same fear)] offers us an artificial and contrived [imagined] immortality, with the imposed spirit of business leading – we deny our mortality, *we deny God* !! – TOGETHER WITH GOD, AS GOD FAMILY, WE ARE IMMORTAL, THERE IS NO OTHER WAY !! – the spirit of fear offers us slavery as protection and continuity, as a *shield* [of faith] against the power of death [as man’s best hope for the future]; but this very systemic *is* the power of death !! – our fear of mortality, our seeking immortality without God, results in the very death we are in fear of, it is used to perpetuate an immortal *hold* [the worship of fallen Angels] on our mortality – GOD OFFERS US RELEASE FROM OUR MORTALITY !! – our willingness to be satisfied with a schema, the insensibility to anything but one’s own satisfaction, the simple conviction that there *is* a right way which “somebody else” can show us, the claim to the “right” of simplicity, the right to be protected from anxieties and ambiguities, the right “not to know”, this is what organized religion is, designed to keep us safe from the *immediacy* of God and the *radical universalism* a God-encounter brings [our God-given responsibilities]; we are so *frightened* of these that we are willing to surrender our reason and will to religious elites who offer us base “magical” thinking: “Do this and God will do that” – ORGANIZED RELIGION [incl. the COG Inc.] KEEPS US SAFE FROM GOD [our fear of God, because of our sins]; RELIGION SHOULD KEEP US SAFE FROM THE DEVIL [his fear, his regard of God] *NOT* FROM GOD !! [schema based on Tikkun]