God does not call or ordain anyone to a position *above* his fellows; we are all called and ordained [at Baptism] to serve each other, and in turn God, our gifts complimenting each other; together we are strong !! – the COG is fragmented into many congregations of many competing groups [a competition for unrighteous tithes], considered disparate [considered not alike; distinct or different in kind; unequal] by many, yet these congregations form the basis for God’s community [the ONE BODY OF CHRIST]; what is needed is the realization that we are all *as one* in our ministration of gifts – the disparity [inequality or difference, as to rank, amount, quality, etc., the unlikeness; incongruity] is a carnal wall of division and strife and must be stricken from our fellowship, from our very consciousness; demeaning your brother to raise yourself is not an act of love; personal gain at the expense of another is evil – the Laodicean division into clergy and laity [the COG’s prevailing spiritual condition, illness; the indifference to God’s systemic] is symptomatic of a corporate form that keeps us from each other and from God [His/our power and glory expressed in the application of His/our gifts]; the corporate ministry and eldership have *their* jobs to protect [their vested interest; societal fears override God], not realizing that God’s *living* community is self-sufficient in all of its ways, with God providing the resources needed; GOD’S COMMUNITY IS STRENGTH AND PROTECTION !! – we must reweave the fabrics of our own stories, and then, we must reweave our congregations into the *woven basket of common straw* that holds the firstfruits [Deut. 26:1-4], for presentation before God’s altar – the contexture of God’s truth is God’s own people, His community [Fr, L contextus 1 a weaving together; fabrication 2 an interwoven mass; fabric (the fabric of truth; our robes of righteousness) 3 the way in which a thing is put together; structure; composition 4 (rare) context].