God’s truth cannot be embodied within the corporate context, it cannot be held and applied by the power of incorporation, the strength of man; God’s truth can only be embodied within the community context [L contextus, a joining together, orig., pp. of contexere, to weave together, com-, together + texere, to weave], it can only be held and applied by the POWER OF INCARNATION, the STRENGTH OF GOD !! — THE VERY ACT OF INCORPORATION DENIES GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT !! – the COG Inc., partakes of Satan’s systemic [good and evil]; WE AGAIN EAT THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT !! — God’s truth is embodied within the ekklesia [GOD’S TRUTH IS CONTEXTUAL (depending on, or belonging to the context; GOD’S COMMUNITY MUST KEEP THE *WHOLE FORM* OF GOD’S HOUSE)], it is our truth [we are all brothers and sisters, no more, no less]; if we regard those around us in any other way, from an “imagined” vantage point of position, privilege, or authority [one that seemingly allows a clear and broad view; understanding; advantage], then we are dispossessing God’s truth; THE DISPOSSESSION OF THE DEVIL’S HOLD OVER US IS OUR PURPOSE *NOT* THE DISPOSSESSION OF GOD’S !! – the COMMUNITY of GOD is a COMMON PRIVILEGE where we all dwell with Christ Himself; NO BROTHER IS PREEMINENT OVER HIS FELLOWS, nor indeed can he be; those who are given much are to be the greater servants; ** WE ARE TO REGARD OUR FELLOWS AS PREEMINENT OVER US !! ** – THE WISDOM OF GOD SURPASSES US !! — those who assume a position *over* the brethren are no longer *among* the brethren !! – THERE ARE NO DISTINCTIONS WITHIN THE BODY OF CHRIST, NO MAN HAS THE MASTERY !! — the driving *force* of business [money as *means*; the root of all evil]; by maintaining and working these definitions [hierarchy; the COG Inc., THE CORPORATE CONTEXT] we are denying the body of Christ [as means], and its application, ROOTED IN GOD !!