“Free will” is simply your own mind, using your own intelligence – God is love, and a God of love did NOT create evil, it is as simple as that; God did not create the devil; it was Lucifer’s own sin that led him to becoming an adversary [Satan]; it was his choice against God [he became vain in his beauty and ability; the creating ability given to him by God; he attributed it to himself; he began to equate himself to God in ability, AND MAN IS NOW DOING THE SAME THING !!] – evil is the negation of God’s love – we know God’s love by His principles of love the 10C [the character of God] !! – sin is the transgression of these spiritual laws – the carnal mind sees no necessity in following God’s pure laws of liberty, but sees no problem with being subjugated by man’s evil laws of oppression !! – man refuses to serve and be served by God, yet has no problem serving a systemic that considers him a slave !! – God desires a “reciprocal relationship” amongst all mankind, but man desires private gain, where only the strong [bent to evil and applauded] succeed !! — Adam and Eve were presented with the opportunity to merge their minds with God’s [the Holy Spirit; the Tree of Life], they were schooled in God’s way in Eden, but they were beguiled [led astray] by Satan, and chose to go their own way [desiring the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, its wisdom]; they believed the first lie [thou shalt not surely die (the penalty of sin is death); their intellect bypassed by Satan’s advertising; his vision moulding them, building vanity], and wilfully [by deception] disobeyed God, seeking to be God on their own terms, seeking to take for themselves, when God was willing to give – God gave them their own (re-)creation week of 6000 years [6 days] as He had intended, but now on their own, by their own labor, yet the seventh day was sanctified, He would cause a *rest* [Sabbath] on the “seventh day” [the Millennium] with the return of Christ [Lord of the Sabbath] – many have been called during the “time of Adam” to follow and obey God and to reject Satan, to be ready to teach and guide *all of humanity* back to God and His ways !!