*Clarity and access* to a very complicated data form; collaboration with God; visual communicator [let your light so shine vs. the darkness] — Business *appeals* to the evil *way of being* [the works of the flesh; their personification] in man; the possibilities expressed, creating new potential, design [MAN AS CREATOR; shaping, moulding his own destiny; utilizing his own intelligence]; a collective spirit ensuing private gain – a mode of thought; a thought form [a deep psychosis; vanity]; the self-inflicted pain of the world – BUSINESS AS WISDOM [the application of man’s knowledge; the *power of man*; knowledge copyrighted, patented]; BUSINESS AS RIGHTEOUSNESS [right and proper conduct; wholly conformed to the imposed will]; BUSINESS AS SALVATION [the healing of all ills; the cure proposed is the disease] – the [imposed] common spirit, religion of all mankind [the disparagement of man (to marry one who has lessened himself, covenant with the devil not with Christ; depreciate; discredit); pure business (theory) is pure Satanism; corporate eugenics], offering imagined eternal possibilities to the chosen few, those worthy !! — we have, are under, *an imposed limiting will*; we do not have “free will” at this time – Adam and Eve lost their free will when they chose other than God; GOD’S WILL IS OUR FREE WILL, this is not a contradiction; God only is true liberty; TRUE CHRISTIANITY IS THE PATH BACK TO FREEDOM, OUR LOST FREE WILL !! — God loves us by giving us His gifts, and we love God by the exercising, and giving of these same gifts to each other, and thus back to Him — business society is on the take [business is predicated on growth but actually limits itself (growth by the diminishment of the other); it believes the first lie]; God’s society is a *society of the gift* !! – the “sun” of righteousness [Mal 4:2, CHRIST] will remove the cloak of deception by His *warmth*, not a gust of wind, showing strength as the world measures it (using its means); the cloak is held more tightly as a result. !! [Aesopian]