The SAGE-Systemic beckons us to “master” [to mastery of] its ways for personal gain [this “master” is Satan] – our Master, Jesus Christ calls us to “master” His way, ** for the gain of the other ** !! – people must be able to translate their private concerns, hurts, joys, and lives into public concerns and collective action – CHRISTIANITY IS COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT !! – we have been privatized and disconnected into NON-EXISTENCE !! – we are withdrawing *within* the systemic, retreating into the safe [??], *privatized enclaves* [doors closed shut; Christ is outside, and knocking (Rev 3:20); we must answer the knock !!] of the family, religion and consumption; the result is not only *silence and indifference*, but the terrible price [is] paid in the ** HARD CURRENCY OF HUMAN SUFFERING !! ** – we must withdraw *out* of the systemic into *TRUE AND OPEN* FAMILY AND RELIGION [praxis], into revitalized [a grass-roots revival; open dialogue; ideals of citizen participation, the public good, political obligation] social governance and community [a spiritual life manifests in *every* interaction; our spiritual integration; GIVING *WITHOUT* EXPECTATION OF A “RETURN ON INVESTMENT” (giving to “get” *distorts the quality* of the giving, the gift feels more like a demand to those receiving it)] – WE MUST *BE* [our very Being] “THE GOOD” THAT WE WISH FOR, AND THAT GOD DESIRES, IN THE WORLD — BUSINESS IS *ALL-CONSUMING*, EVEN OF GOD [the *condition*, the recognition (re-“cognition”; we must turn back to God) necessary for change]; BUSINESS IS ZERO-TOLERANT of *all* opposition; our *own* government is the enforcement !! – the towers of “high finance” [the “high” knowledge of Satan] which blight the landscape of humanity, are cancerous growths on the fabric of society !! [community engagement based on Tikkun]