It is what we represent that is important; what do we represent, what is our motivation, intention ?? – what is our “image and likeness” ?? – is it a human being ** distorted and altered [cheapened] by money ** ??  – TRUE AND DEEP CHRISTIANITY, GOD’S COMMUNITY, IS A RETURN TO THE ORIGINAL, PURE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD; TO OVERCOME 6000 YEARS OF DISTORTION IS ONLY POSSIBLE WITH GOD’S HELP !! — whenever anyone or anything holds the “power of life and death” over you [whether real or imagined], they become your god !! – it is up to each and every one of us, to pry off one-by-one, the fingers of oppression, the systemic that has us in its grasp, that is holding us, and pulling/pushing us down !! [Luke 1:74 “… delivered out of the hand of our enemies …”] – within this world’s evil systemic we are either an atheist, an agnostic or a believer; we must make a decision; anarchic love is the answer — the pulse of society is seemingly strong, but the body is deadly sick; there is a virus spreading, A MALIGNANT, MALEVOLENT SPIRIT [a virulent evil; malicious; A *FEAR* OF GOD], an extreme malignity [persistent; intense hatred] that is ** PURE ANTI-CHRIST ** – IT IS AN INTELLIGENCE SEEKING THE EXTINCTION OF THE HUMAN RACE, AND THE ABORTION OR STILLBIRTH OF THE GOD FAMILY [now in embryo; unborn] !! – the God Family embryogeny [the formation and development of the embryo; our *conversion*; EMBRYOGENESIS] is “near term”, and must be stopped at all cost; the “born” must never be “born again” [the negation of evil (the enmity against God)]; this is the *presence of mind* that has enveloped the human spirit, that has employed mankind in its own destruction, that has persuaded to *unseen* negation !!