FEAR IS NOT RELATIONSHIP; FEAR IS BONDAGE TO THE OTHER – we must *cast out* fear, the environment, the *spirit of bondage*, by the agape love of God !! – we are slave holders, each and every one of us; we are held in a SATANIC GRIP OF FEAR !! – WE MUST SET EACH OTHER FREE !! – the business systemic is seen as salvation from fear, yet fear is the underlying emotive of business itself; FEAR AND BUSINESS ARE SYNONYMOUS [the nature of Satan’s mind]; business and its means are a *transgression* of God’s Love; *BUSINESS IS SIN* – the PERFECT LOVE OF GOD is the *consciousness* necessary for a SOUND MIND, a mind without any fear, without fear of punishment or want [systemically; or from God]; yet most are *afraid of God*, they fear God’s “judgment” [punishment; torment; Satan is the author of fear, NOT God; GOD IS PURE LOVE] – God’s judgment is not some final decision to come, His judgment has already been made, and it is for us to be free in the love of His Family, *our* Family [liberation]; the Great White Throne Judgment will make this known to all of mankind; all will be given their opportunity [we receive a “life sentence”, we are sentenced to life (with God); the “death penalty” has been paid] !! – it has been the “spirit of bondage” that has made God into a terror for most; God made in the “image and likeness” of man; a God of carnal love and hate !! – WE MUST ACCEPT GOD (His definitions; His Way), AND BE ACCEPTING OF GOD (His Word, His Love, His Gifts), AND GOD WILL ACCEPT US !! – GOD’S UNDERSTANDING, HIS KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM, BECKONS ALL TO SHARE !! – the Call of God is to attain the ** deep understanding ** of what Christianity is, and what our roles as Christians are; OUR GOD GIVEN RESPONSIBILITIES !!