There is only the past, there is no future in the present COG !! – the “true church” is an *unknown church* [of the gift] within the COG – *bring* every thought [every truth known, every ability, every gift] to the obedience [the application; the wisdom] of Christ; every thought of the ekklesia must be brought to Christ [as template] and applied, ministered !! – hierarchy does NOT fit this template; hierarchy is a [category of] thought in obedience to Satan; Hell is the separation of man from God !! – Hell exists within the COG today; WHY is there a hierarchy with its “own” agenda(s) [in each of the various corporate organizations; a house divided against itself] in the COG, in *direct violation of Christ’s instructions* ?? — the COG has been, and is, occupied by a Roman enemy [the image of the Beast]; our house, our habitation has been invaded, and we have been taken captive; we are bowed down before idolatry !! – “let *my* people go, that they may *serve* me in the wilderness” is a plea from God made once before, yet the hierarchy will refuse to let God’s people go [slaves building the edifice of empire under bondage and persecution]; they will ridicule the very idea and God !! – it is time to revolt with fire and hammer [the WORD of GOD], and pull down the strongholds of deceit, and oppression !! – the agape community of God is a revolution beginning within the COG and then shared, extending into this present world, and in turn, making the future !!