Making the future is possible if we are willing and able, but we are only able by working *together* as Family, relying on trust and faith in God; our very survival is dependent on our *trusting cooperation* in confronting all adversaries !! – we must share solutions to survival problems; teaching and sharing knowledge; intelligent design and application [we are destroyed because of our contradictions; the nurture of trusting potential; ** trust ** is the currency of humanity, and of the God Family [hope = direction; faith = the means to get there, acting on the basis of hope; truth is a process, not a conclusion !!] – life’s ancient struggle to overcome and propagate, winning teams sharing in the triumph of life !! — the 10C make us examine our reasons, our motivations for our actions, or lack of the same, and the repercussions; they make us cognizant of opposite courses of action; they are Christ’s’ template for life; they are the *spiritual lock* !! – righteousness and evil are clearly demarcated, WE HAVE NO EXCUSE !! – the absolute horror, the shock, the shame of our inaction in the COG, of perpetuating the evil existent; GOD DEMANDS we do something !! – either we are HOT or COLD, but lukewarm is an affront to the God Family; this is the very reason [to FOLLOW in the footsteps of Christ] and purpose [to DESTROY the evil existent; the works of the devil] of our calling !!