The “ministry” is a ministration of gifts that includes all believers – it is NOT a division of laity and ministry !! – we are all brethren, NO MORE, NO LESS !! – the loyal ministry promised by God is *ourselves*, spirit-filled Christians living God’s truth – we are the checks and balances, guided by God, with an eldership (those mature in the Spirit) in servant-authority as arbiter (living examples/witness; to gently guide if asked) with Christ — we acknowledge our spiritual ancestry, our spiritual heritage, the foundational truths God has given us, and we uphold them and build on them as God gives inspiration and direction !! — we recognize that we, the COG, do NOT possess all knowledge, neither are we beyond error, or free of the same, but we are growing in grace and knowledge and are being renewed in mind and body, reaching towards the perfection that is our High Priest – we are of ONE MIND, consensus authority through the Holy Spirit, that is true church authority, God leading us, NOT us leading God – a lot of truth, previously, was moulded to fit the corporate form [ie., the corporate ministry, the corporate tithe] – we are disciples of Christ, we don’t play follow-the-leader, we don’t hold to the “primacy of Peter” doctrine, the “Simon say’s or else” – fear
diminishes the capacity to love, and ALL is built on love – Christ says if any one desires of being “over” His brethren, let him humble himself, let him become a servant [a minister (an act, a deed, NOT an office), a ministration, a serving] – we are the sisters and brothers of Christ Himself, we walk *alongside* of Christ, NO MAN IS OVER THE FELLOWSHIP; WE ARE COMMON MINISTRANTS OF THE WORD OF GOD !!