The various COG Inc.’s magazines, broadcasts, etc., all quote the world’s media, and various private sources to give credibility and authority [convincing proof] to Christ’s words of prophecy [and their understanding], to give credence [the world’s credentials] to their astute analysis and prognostications, their report of the curses [for which the COG messenger is responsible; this is one of the few times where the messenger is responsible for the message; the COG cannot say “don’t blame me, I’m only the messenger”] – where in the NT is Roman or Greek authorities quoted to give weight or authority to anything — [the baptism of] *repentance and the remission of sins* is the message preached in the Book of Acts [Paul preached Christ], and that is the message we are to take into the world also [the Gospel of the Kingdom is included in this message], this is the true work of God, the Book of Acts II [John 6:29] – many secular-prophets both for-and-against the systemic have a much better understanding, a more pure analysis of our present state than those purloining their brand of the Gospel as product.