We must establish God’s *living* community NOW, while we still have time – if we do not we will not only have to answer to God, but we will have to answer to the countless millions who are going to die in the coming SAGE induced holocaust, that we, in effect, are responsible for !! — WE HAVE TO SAVE THE WORLD FROM OURSELVES, FROM OUR SINS !! — again, every article we write, every item we report on, every sermon preached, about prophecy fulfilled [the curses], or about to be fulfilled, IS AN INDICTMENT OF *OURSELVES*, OUR FAILURE AS THE PEOPLE OF GOD !! – we have to look beyond ourselves, our groups and return to God, WE MUST TURN THE HEART [saving humanity from ourselves in turn saves humanity from itself] !! – God speaks of the “little flock” with a “little strength” that we, the COG, claim as our identity, but it is time that we return to our roots and become cognizant of, and establish the MIGHTY ARM OF THE LORD and DO THE FIRST WORKS [EPHESIAN APOSTOLIC CHRIST-IAN-ITY] !! – if we are not providing the alternative, if we are not a *living witness*, if we are yoked to this world’s systemic, then we will be pulled down when it falls, we will *not* be worthy of escape — “watch therefore … accounted worthy of escape” [watch (heed; awareness); accounted (labor)]; we must not only proclaim as watchmen the works of the Devil and warn of their resultant curses, but we must also be aware of our vital, additional watchman responsibilities and heed God and be laboring to bring the blessings NOT the curses, to fulfill our purpose [to destroy the works of the Devil], and THEN WE WILL BE WORTHY – the escape [remaining to serve] is self-fulfilled by our obeisance to God !!