Matt. 24 is addressed to the household of God, as is Mal. 4:6 “… to turn the HEART of the fathers to the children and the HEART of the children to the fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse” – WE ARE AND WILL BE RESPONSIBLE [THE GREAT TRANSGRESSION, (Psm 119:13)] !! – WE MUST BREAK THE CHAIN OF EVENTS, THE CORPORATE YOKE THAT WILL INITIATE HOLOCAUST – we have been taught that God will shorten those days for the elects sake, but it is those very same elect who could have risen up and prevented the holocaust in the first place, by employing God’s ways instead of man’s [the works of the Devil] within His own church, and by extension, into the world [*the mustard seed* NOT a bramble (brier) bush; every temple stone *upon another* shall be thrown down, Matt. 24:2; hierarchy destroyed; 1 Cor. 15:24; all rule (hierarchy) put down by Christ; the *thorn in the side* of the body of Christ REMOVED (the Thorn Ministry), the body HEALED]; by the Gospel of the Kingdom [servant authority; intelligent obedience of God not blind obedience of men; SOWN INTO THE GOOD GROUND]; the full power of God [the mighty arm], the full preaching and witness of the community that can be accomplished by no other method !!