No idea is so strong that it should not be tested by doubt, and no man so powerful that he is infallible !! – a man, a group, an organization may carry, may possess, and may even utilize the truth, but may not be *of* the truth [the truth does not reside within them, does not possess them, does not utilize them] !! – anyone, any group, any organization that claims or demands gain, advantage, reputation, or authority from/of God, from His truth, is NOT *of* God !! – they may utilize God, declare a “work of God” but God is not utilizing them; God does not employ error, they are not “from” or “of” God, yet by their efforts “truth” can be imparted [some within become “of” God], though it is evil spoken of by many – unrighteous representation reveals the false servants, their unrighteous fruits [by their fruits ye shall know them]; income has become their only means to measure their righteousness, gain has become their “godliness”, they glory in their shame !! – the truth they “use” exposes them [man cannot negate or corrupt God’s truth but the message and witness of it can be !!] — the business “suit and tie” is a *robe of unrighteousness*, it represents the filth of this world [filthy rags]; we do not honor God by wearing this; God desires informal, *clean*, modest dress, yet one with color and flair; but wealthy, or “garish” display does not honor God either !!