Every fulfillment of prophecy, every detail, is an indication of *our* continuing failure, not just those in the world [especially physical Israel] but the COG [spiritual Israel] also, we are complicit !! – we are responsible because *we claim to know* – prophecy fulfilled, here referring to the increasing curses [the absence of the blessings] that we in the COG (Inc.) so focus on as “watchmen”, is an indictment of our refusal to obey God, to be persuaded of God’s truth !! – we *use* the possible and probable [if we continue the way we are] prophetic fulfillment as a justification, as an excuse [it is written] for the “corporate work”, when we should know the ending can be changed, that it does not have to happen this way – we have the hierarchical blinders on, and we will bring on the “curse” by our inaction, all the while planning our escape to a “place of safety” or by a “rapture” and professing prophetic understanding by our obedience to God !!