Chapter 7

We become what we think about; we condition ourselves to believe – our “weight” [the trail that is left behind us; we are dragging our past baggage along; our excuses, our justifications, our definitions] keeps us from rising to new levels – our present moment’s thought(s) is what is driving us forward — fragmented mentation = frag-mentation; seeking order out of chaos: the COG consensus view = the CONSENSUS, the (selfish) group think = fragmented; a consensus nonconsensus [the various COG Inc.’s all claiming God] — God will bring *justice* to the (mis)application of His Law — we are not just functions, or motives, we are alive, we are *meaning*, we have meaning !! – God is  *truth and dialogue* vs. the violent [emotional] convergence of God’s Way and man’s way; we must release the carnal, the blame; we must send each other our love, God’s agape love; GOD WILL HEAL OUR SELF-INFLICTED WOUNDS !! — the carnal accusations, the backbiting, the lawsuits, copyrights, etc., that the COG is guilty of, must teach us that ** what comes out is what is inside **; WE MUST OPEN TO THE PERFECT LOVE OF GOD AND CAST OUT THE FEAR WITHIN THE COG !! – OUR SELFISH, SECTARIAN AWARENESS MUST GIVE WAY TO GOD’S HOLY, SACRED AWARENESS !! – our limited capacity [our sins limit us; our abilities] will open to God’s unlimited healing capacity; mindfulness of, and KNOWING GOD FROM *WITHIN* releases any doubt, any fear; WE ARE *NOT* SEPARATE FROM EACH OTHER, AND NEITHER CAN WE BE !! – the question of who is right and who is wrong, from within the COG, is answered when we acknowledge that *only God is right* !!


We acknowledge God when we acknowledge our own mortality [through awareness and/or crisis; the *fear* of death; the lack of meaning or purpose; Heb 2:14-15, the one who *holds* its power (in hand, in mind; the darkness of ignorance and sin, the misery; in *our application* of the devil’s nature); we are in *bondage* (to another’s will) because of this fear; THE WAY OUT IS CHRIST !!] – our technocratic society [as well as its resultant/engendered religions (old and new age; authored by, and using the same fear)] offers us an artificial and contrived [imagined] immortality, with the imposed spirit of business leading – we deny our mortality, *we deny God* !! – TOGETHER WITH GOD, AS GOD FAMILY, WE ARE IMMORTAL, THERE IS NO OTHER WAY !! – the spirit of fear offers us slavery as protection and continuity, as a *shield* [of faith] against the power of death [as man’s best hope for the future]; but this very systemic *is* the power of death !! – our fear of mortality, our seeking immortality without God, results in the very death we are in fear of, it is used to perpetuate an immortal *hold* [the worship of fallen Angels] on our mortality – GOD OFFERS US RELEASE FROM OUR MORTALITY !! – our willingness to be satisfied with a schema, the insensibility to anything but one’s own satisfaction, the simple conviction that there *is* a right way which “somebody else” can show us, the claim to the “right” of simplicity, the right to be protected from anxieties and ambiguities, the right “not to know”, this is what organized religion is, designed to keep us safe from the *immediacy* of God and the *radical universalism* a God-encounter brings [our God-given responsibilities]; we are so *frightened* of these that we are willing to surrender our reason and will to religious elites who offer us base “magical” thinking: “Do this and God will do that” – ORGANIZED RELIGION [incl. the COG Inc.] KEEPS US SAFE FROM GOD [our fear of God, because of our sins]; RELIGION SHOULD KEEP US SAFE FROM THE DEVIL [his fear, his regard of God] *NOT* FROM GOD !! [schema based on Tikkun]

All of the evil around us is the result of something; it is up to each of us to understand this !! – SOCIETAL FEARS OVERRIDE GOD !! – THE SPIRITUAL CONDITION OF HUMANITY IS REFLECTED IN THE PHYSICAL, this applies to *all* situations and actions; these are terminal spiritual sicknesses, MANKIND IS SPIRITUALLY ILL !! – ONLY CHRIST PROVIDES THE HEALING [SALVATION] — PATHOS [suffering; disease; feeling], the “quality” in something experienced or observed which arouses feelings of pity, sorrow, sympathy, or compassion; the ** MINISTRY OF TEARS ** answering the collective unconscious, the THEOGNOSIS, the knowledge and recognition [diagnosis]; the health of the community is measured by the number who participate in it [MINISTRY OF GIFTS]; DIVINE HEALING — Genetic Memory [spiritual/physical influences and characteristics imprinted; passed from generation to generation] must be a consideration — the one who has infused his own EVIL and FEARFUL spirit into others, who actuates and governs their minds, the originator and transmitter of all spiritual disease [LUST; his spiritual sacrifice] is SATAN the DEVIL !! – WE MUST KNOW THIS TO BE HEALED BY CHRIST, BY HIS TRUTH !!

They say the “price of freedom is high”, well God say’s there is no price on freedom; He offers it *free*, it is His to give !! – those who offer freedom at a price are offering slavery instead, to their systemic, and the price of their systemic is very high indeed; it is a price that we cannot pay and too many have died trying [paid the ultimate price] !! — the corporate monies have value because the evil is maintained [the servicing of Mammon; building holocaust]; the “price of freedom” is actually oppression – apathy fed by ignorance will lead to our extinction !! – WE EITHER SERVE GOD OR SERVE MAMMON; we must know what it means to serve God; we already know what it means to serve Mammon – the pain of the past [the fear] envelops each new generation; it is overwhelming our sanity; if we want our dreams to come true, we must first wake up !! – this [contrived and imposed] world is a realm of suffering and confusion [God is not the author of confusion]; the major source of suffering is ignorance and the major expression of ignorance is the belief in a Self – we must become conscious of the fundamental discontinuity and therefore illusion of Self; our purpose, our goal is to be *one with God*, our sense of Self within the One [individually we are NOT one, *together* we are one] – our individual stories are our essence; our goal is not to escape our stories, but to make our stories sacred [WE MUST WRITE OURSELVES INTO THE BOOK OF LIFE] !! – the unique torture of modernity [its thoroughness; impact] is the sense of being disassociated, de-storied [de-humanized], displaced [nameless, devoid of context, history, soul print; SEPARATED FROM OURSELVES AND GOD] – through pain, the torturer aims to force the victim to betray and abandon his story – to lose hope in life is to lose the thread of your story; to recover hope is to reweave the fabric of your story. [Sacred Stories based on Tikkun]

God does not call or ordain anyone to a position *above* his fellows; we are all called and ordained [at Baptism] to serve each other, and in turn God, our gifts complimenting each other; together we are strong !! – the COG is fragmented into many congregations of many competing groups [a competition for unrighteous tithes], considered disparate [considered not alike; distinct or different in kind; unequal] by many, yet these congregations form the basis for God’s community [the ONE BODY OF CHRIST]; what is needed is the realization that we are all *as one* in our ministration of gifts – the disparity [inequality or difference, as to rank, amount, quality, etc., the unlikeness; incongruity] is a carnal wall of division and strife and must be stricken from our fellowship, from our very consciousness; demeaning your brother to raise yourself is not an act of love; personal gain at the expense of another is evil – the Laodicean division into clergy and laity [the COG’s prevailing spiritual condition, illness; the indifference to God’s systemic] is symptomatic of a corporate form that keeps us from each other and from God [His/our power and glory expressed in the application of His/our gifts]; the corporate ministry and eldership have *their* jobs to protect [their vested interest; societal fears override God], not realizing that God’s *living* community is self-sufficient in all of its ways, with God providing the resources needed; GOD’S COMMUNITY IS STRENGTH AND PROTECTION !! – we must reweave the fabrics of our own stories, and then, we must reweave our congregations into the *woven basket of common straw* that holds the firstfruits [Deut. 26:1-4], for presentation before God’s altar – the contexture of God’s truth is God’s own people, His community [Fr, L contextus 1 a weaving together; fabrication 2 an interwoven mass; fabric (the fabric of truth; our robes of righteousness) 3 the way in which a thing is put together; structure; composition 4 (rare) context].

God’s truth cannot be embodied within the corporate context, it cannot be held and applied by the power of incorporation, the strength of man; God’s truth can only be embodied within the community context [L contextus, a joining together, orig., pp. of contexere, to weave together, com-, together + texere, to weave], it can only be held and applied by the POWER OF INCARNATION, the STRENGTH OF GOD !! — THE VERY ACT OF INCORPORATION DENIES GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT !! – the COG Inc., partakes of Satan’s systemic [good and evil]; WE AGAIN EAT THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT !! — God’s truth is embodied within the ekklesia [GOD’S TRUTH IS CONTEXTUAL (depending on, or belonging to the context; GOD’S COMMUNITY MUST KEEP THE *WHOLE FORM* OF GOD’S HOUSE)], it is our truth [we are all brothers and sisters, no more, no less]; if we regard those around us in any other way, from an “imagined” vantage point of position, privilege, or authority [one that seemingly allows a clear and broad view; understanding; advantage], then we are dispossessing God’s truth; THE DISPOSSESSION OF THE DEVIL’S HOLD OVER US IS OUR PURPOSE *NOT* THE DISPOSSESSION OF GOD’S !! – the COMMUNITY of GOD is a COMMON PRIVILEGE where we all dwell with Christ Himself; NO BROTHER IS PREEMINENT OVER HIS FELLOWS, nor indeed can he be; those who are given much are to be the greater servants; ** WE ARE TO REGARD OUR FELLOWS AS PREEMINENT OVER US !! ** – THE WISDOM OF GOD SURPASSES US !! — those who assume a position *over* the brethren are no longer *among* the brethren !! – THERE ARE NO DISTINCTIONS WITHIN THE BODY OF CHRIST, NO MAN HAS THE MASTERY !! — the driving *force* of business [money as *means*; the root of all evil]; by maintaining and working these definitions [hierarchy; the COG Inc., THE CORPORATE CONTEXT] we are denying the body of Christ [as means], and its application, ROOTED IN GOD !!

Isa 10:17 And the light of Israel shall be for a fire, and his Holy One for a flame; Psa 104:4 His ministers a flaming fire; Heb 1:7 His ministers a flame of fire – CHRIST IS THE FLAME WHICH COMPOSES THE FIRE OF HIS CHURCH, PRODUCING ITS LIGHT; His ministers [ministration of gifts] become the “flame” that is Christ, they see with Christ’s vision [eyes as flames of fire; seeing all through God’s Word; strength of vision dividing asunder soul and spirit]; His ministers become His Word, the *full voice* of God – the THORN MINISTRY is burned and devoured, *its* glory and work destroyed, by God’s Word !! – God’s Voice, His ministers will plead with all flesh; preaching = admonition and teaching]; God’s voice thunders, is powerful, is full of majesty [FULL AUTHORITY FROM GOD’S THRONE]; the voice of the LORD divideth the flames of fire [every part of the body, the ministry of gifts] working together, piercing all [armor-piercing vs. all masks, all excuses], it breaks the framework of error, it shakes the wilderness [the SAGE systemic will be shaken apart (economic and social earthquakes); iniquity shall cease], God’s glory [His systemic] shall be revealed !! – the work of Christ’s ministry of gifts is to prepare the *way of the LORD*, to make straight in the desert a *highway for our God*” [Isa 40:3-5, 9-10, an Elijah Work; Prov 16:17 The *highway of the upright* [is] to depart from evil: he that keepeth his way preserveth his soul]; to take up the *stumbling block* out-of-the-way of God’s people [the COG Inc., 1 John 2:10], TO REVIVE THE SPIRIT OF THE HUMBLE; TO REVIVE THE HEART (THE ONE HEART) OF THE CONTRITE ONES; TO *TURN* THE ONE HEART UNTO SALVATION vs. THE HOLOCAUST [Mal 4:3] !!

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