Chapter 9

Our focus must be on the spiritual; we have got it backwards with our organizations, our “work’s”, in the physical – SPIRITUAL ISRAEL includes *all* those begotten — WE WALK, WE EXIST AS A SPIRITUAL BODY, AS GOD IN THIS WORLD, the very physical flesh of Jesus Christ, and ** HIS MINISTRY IS OUR MINISTRY **; that is why we were called and begotten “now”: to be God Family *NOT* just for training, in embryo, under a self-ordained ministry, but considered as if we were already born again, ministering our “spiritual gifts”, Christ’s Spirit in our flesh, “now” His flesh; Rom 13:13-14 LET US *WALK* HONESTLY, ** AS IN THE DAY ** … ** PUT YE ON ** [clothe with] THE LORD JESUS CHRIST – WE WALK AS CHRIST, *NOT* AS A MEMBER OF SOME ORGANIZATION DOING A WORK; ** OUR WORK IS BEING CHRIST, AS THE ANOINTED, SHARING CHRIST, SHARING OURSELVES, AS GIFT ** — the root of the word “kingdom” of God, is ** foot **, and the Ministry ripped our feet off, and the COG Inc., keeps us spiritually lame, ** DENYING THE VERY KINGDOM THEY PROFESS TO PREACH ** !! – they sold the poor for a pair of shoes [the physical path/work] – our feet must be shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace — the HONOR *given* to us is beyond comprehension, but NOT beyond belief [our work is to believe on Christ] and faith *of* Christ [application; faith without works is dead].


We are disconnected from the source; the COG Inc. Ministry is a FRAUD; we are impoverished, our habitat is being destroyed; our spiritual environment is polluted, and yet we continue to deny God and ourselves – we are NOT receiving nourishment from God, we are eating “fast-food”, a cheap [yet very expensive and non-sustaining in the long run] substitute, GOSPEL AS PRODUCT – food filler [man’s words] and sugar [flatteries] on the increase = obesity [increased with riches; eating too much and exercising too little] – high “fat” content [maintaining their hierarchy, their definitions], high sugar and salt foods [no savor]; mass marketing-media work – soda instead of the pure water of truth, full of sugar and effervescence, rotting our body – provision of components for this “fast-food” is destroying the “earth” [the truth; our habitation]; THIS FOOD IS FOR A CONSUMER [BRETHREN MADE MERCHANDISE] CULTURE [COG Inc., groups = encapsulation; a bitter pill to swallow]; higher consumption = more monies [MAMMON]; GOD AND HIS TRUTH AS COMMODITY – A MALNOURISHED MIND AND BODY IS THE RESULT !! – weighed and measured, pre-packaged, low nutritional value “happy-meals” to satisfy our “intellectual munchies” – the COG Inc.’s, heavily processed menu is not healthy food, and our spiritual illness is the result – THIS IS COMFORT FOOD, IT TASTES GOOD [AS HONEY IN THE MOUTH]; WE ARE MAKING GOD SICK; WE WILL BE SPEWED OUT OF HIS MOUTH; HIS BELLY IS BITTER !! — dangerous pathogens contaminating this food [Satan]; the manufacturing process is flawed – the various COG Inc., groups represent different flavors of cheap, proprietary, unhealthy food — HEALTHY, PATHOGEN FREE FOOD IS *SERVED* [ministered] ONLY FROM GOD’S TABLE, AND IT IS OFFERED WITHOUT MONEY AND WITHOUT PRICE !! vs. eat what “we” serve you or starve !! — the “seeds” of God’s truth are held as proprietary, copyright is claimed; no man can sow without corporate permission; ** THE BUYING AND SELLING OF GOD **; THIS EVIL MUST BE CONFRONTED WITHIN THE COG !!

We must remove the obstructions to God, those who “front” for him; when we have “sufficient realization” we will have reached our “breakaway point” and withdraw – we must come together around this common issue, we must present our understanding, discuss and reason with each other and with God – WE CANNOT KNOW AND JUST STAND-BY, WE MUST BE ENGAGED; a coordinated action plan is paramount at this time; we must provide the knowledge God has given us to prevent the destruction of the Family [Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed (H1820 TO CEASE, CUT OFF, BRING TO SILENCE, PERISH) for lack of knowledge (H1847 knowledge, perception, skill; discernment, understanding, wisdom): ** because thou has REJECTED knowledge **, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me:]; God’s people must be “given” the Gospel of the Kingdom as a witness [it is up to each brother and sister to decide for themselves; Matt 24] – Prov 11:9 An hypocrite [COG Inc.] with his mouth [fire of hell] destroyeth [H7843 CORRUPT, GO TO RUIN, DECAY; TO BE MARRED, BE SPOILED, MADE WASTE] his neighbour [H7453 friend, companion, fellow, fellow-citizen, intimate; H7462 feed, shepherd, pastor; to pasture, tend, feed; of ruler, teacher; of people as flock]: BUT THROUGH KNOWLEDGE SHALL THE JUST BE ** DELIVERED ** [H2502 to remove, draw out, withdraw, to be equipped, be rescued].

Defending an indefensible position = hierarchy’s fraudulent claims; DISCLOSURE = to reveal, make known, to bring into view, uncover; to open; revelation = an *educational intervention* vs. the legitimacy of the hierarchy, the credibility of its proponents [those who espouse (to take as a spouse; marry; give in marriage; to take up and support, or advocate)] in relation to God’s Way !! = ** DISCLOSURED DELIVERANCE ** — critical discourse and examination, checks and balances, a reasoning together vs. the emotive symbol of hierarchy and ministry: the false altar presented, the self-serving idol; GOD IS REAL *NOT* AN ILLUSION [a false idea or conception; a deceptive or misleading appearance or image; a false perception or interpretation] CREATED BY DELUSION [a false belief or opinion; a false, persistent belief maintained in spite of evidence to the contrary]; the COG Inc.’s delusive [tending to delude; misleading; unreal] hierarchy is an inversion [directly opposite in direction and position; GONE AWAY BACKWARD] of our response-ability(-ies) [our covenant with God is a ** SACRED CONTRACT ** not a business contract] – the “growth model” of the world, our friendship [association], must be rejected; OUR DEFINING OF THE GOD FAMILY AS HIERARCHICAL IS ABSOLUTE EVIL, AN ABSOLUTE DENIAL OF GOD, A COMPLETE LACK OF UNDERSTANDING, ** A STRONG DELUSION ** !! – our intimate relationship with our “husband” as His wife, a loving, sharing relationship has been co-opted; we have prostituted ourselves with the world, and mirroring the world situation, most of the prostitution is involuntary victimization by those who hold the power; we are being used and abused in a terrible oppression, and we have been so inured [made accustomed to; habituated] that we consider it God’s Way !!

Trusting the hierarchy because of FEAR, a fear engendered by hierarchy itself [the social imprintation], the created paradigm: the threat, the need and the promise of escape, the old game of problem, reaction, solution [real or imagined (created)] – WE TRUST IN GOD BECAUSE OF HIS LOVE and PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT FEAR, and we must cast out the causation of our fear, the COG Inc. hierarchy; we must break the grip of the Gentile systemic — we have gone from soldiers for Christ, to prisoners of the adversary, to active collaborators; traitors of the Kingdom, the enemies of God !! — 2 Cor 3:12-18 we are with ** OPEN FACE ** beholding the glory of the Lord [WE ARE FACE TO FACE WITH CHRIST; THERE IS NO MAN BETWEEN US AND CHRIST’S GLORY (in occlusion; to conceal, hide, obscure; block)]; the veil [COVERING, to hide, veil, ie., to hinder the knowledge of a thing]; 17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY; 12 … great [much; many] plainness [freedom in speaking; openly; boldness; confidence; all things; all men; the whole; all manner of; ** everyone **] of speech … MUCH FREEDOM FOR EVERYONE TO SPEAK OPENLY !! — “open for business” is CLOSING the FACE, beholding the dishonor of man.

We are NOT here just to “warn and flee”; we are here to stop the storm, and if it comes, in spite of our efforts [mostly because of our failure], we remain with the patient, we ride out the storm as WITNESSES and MARTYRS, as HEALERS, as CHRIST IN THE FLESH: those who ** remain ** will be sealed against the Day of the Lord !! – THERE IS NO SPIRITUAL ARMOR COVERING THE BACK; GOD DOES NOT EXPECT US TO TURN AND FLEE !!

Isa 1:16, 58:6, Matt 25:34:

wash you, make you clean;
put away the evil of your doings from before God’s eyes;
cease to do evil;
learn to do well;
seek judgment;
relieve the oppressed;
judge the fatherless;
plead for the widow …
loose the bands of oppression;
undo the heavy burdens;
let the oppressed go free;
break every yoke;
deal thy bread to the hungry;
bring the poor that are cast out to thy house;
cover the naked;
give meat to the hungry;
give drink to the thirsty;
take in the stranger;
clothe the naked;
visit the sick;
come unto those in prison [THE HOUSE OF BONDAGE].

– bondage, slavery is a ** hateful condition ** no matter the pretence, the excuses, the reasoning’s !! – THE LOVE OF GOD IS NEGATED, ABSENT !! – this persistent religio-class ideology has to cease and certainly has nothing to do with God – GOD IS LIBERTY !! — the nature-nurture systemic of the world [G2889 kosmos] [socialization; definitions] is an antagonistic, adversarial dual-identity, an evil apologetic, an evil usurpation of the “unified” nature-nurture of God, a divide [gulf, chasm] enforced by hierarchy – THIS IS NOT BONDING *WITH* GOD, THIS IS BONDAGE TO SATAN; not “with” but “under” [over and upon; the Gentile systemic] !!

Parenting = an intimacy imperative [reasoning with love and limits]; OUR ROLE WITH GOD THE FATHER IS AS ** MOTHER ** [the Church as a living organism NOT an organization] and as ** WIFE ** [each of us as help-mate] OF JESUS CHRIST – ** WE ARE ONE FLESH WITH GOD ** !! — none of us are in the role of Christ, as husband; the divisions and conflicts, the hierarchy over laity = A GENDER WAR WITH CHRIST and/or ADULTERY WITH SATAN/BAAL – gender-bending at its worst negates the family relationship, and at its least confuses the issue — ** WE ARE GUILTY OF PARENTAL ABUSE **; WE ARE BEATING GOD’S CHILDREN INTO SUBMISSION, INTO SLAVERY – deep, internal injury and “chronic pain” is symptomatic of this inherent evil, this disease; ONLY GOD CAN PROVIDE RELIEF, THE HEALING !! — acute and chronic pain-control intervention is necessary – pain is a multi-factorial experience; chronic pain has a life of its own, it affects the whole body – NON-MALIGNANT PAIN can be difficult to cure; many hesitate to the point of disability – MALIGNANT PAIN WILL KILL — pain-management is NOT a goal; pain eradication is the goal – narcotic-medication [the self-medication of this agonized world] leads to dependence, not only on the drug but on the pain [as excuse] – WHEN YOU REMOVE THE HIERARCHIC NARCOTIC THE REALIZATION THAT WE ARE NOT HEALED BECOMES SELF-EVIDENT; THE HEALING PROCESS HAS BEEN IMPEDED (our conversion) – the pain of the *whole* body becomes apparent, IT IS DEEPLY FELT !! – patient-doctor trust is essential, crucial in treatment; DO WE TRUST GOD ?? – Christ is our physician [Matt 9:12, Mark 2:17, Luke 5:31]: the COG Inc., is a WIDESPREAD PAIN DISORDER; head-ache, “rest” disruption [Christ is Lord of the Sabbath NOT a man or men], systemic pain: a crippled, lame, body and mind – WE ARE COMPLICIT IN INFLICTING PAIN, NOT ONLY ON OURSELVES, BUT ON THE WORLD AS WELL !! – WE ARE NOT HEALERS, WE ARE THE VERY DISEASE !! – IF WE DO NOT ACT, GOD WILL REMOVE, PURGE, THE CONTAGION HIMSELF [by fire and brimstone (iniquity purged by mercy and truth)] !!

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