Every fulfillment of prophecy, every detail, is an indication of *our* continuing failure, not just those in the world [especially physical Israel] but the COG [spiritual Israel] also, we are complicit !! – we are responsible because *we claim to know* – prophecy fulfilled, here referring to the increasing curses [the absence of the blessings] that we in the COG (Inc.) so focus on as “watchmen”, is an indictment of our refusal to obey God, to be persuaded of God’s truth !! – we *use* the possible and probable [if we continue the way we are] prophetic fulfillment as a justification, as an excuse [it is written] for the “corporate work”, when we should know the ending can be changed, that it does not have to happen this way – we have the hierarchical blinders on, and we will bring on the “curse” by our inaction, all the while planning our escape to a “place of safety” or by a “rapture” and professing prophetic understanding by our obedience to God !!


We use prophecy for our own ends, to attract the world’s attention, to draw in new members and co-workers, to give form [the raison d’être] to our “watchman work”, but we are using our own sins [for we are complicit] instead of repenting of them !! – in effect we are utilizing our sins, their outcome, ostensibly to bring others to God – THIS IS NOT GOD’S WAY !! — we neatly package news and prophecy together, we immerse ourselves in the world for credibility when God so plainly says for us to separate, to not partake of her sins [separation into God’s community will bring the blessings] — we must now focus on bringing the blessings, to obeying our God and Father, to follow the lead and instructions of our elder brother [Matthew 12:19] — the *purpose* of the church includes a strong “watchman” work within the community context, a work where the prophetic blessings stand in stark contrast to the curses, a true *living witness* – Isaiah 58:1 “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and *shew* my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins” – we must provide a strong warning message and we must provide the alternative, we must show Israel [the COG and physical Israel] the way !! – Ezekiel 18:31 should ring in our ears: Cast away from you all your transgressions, whereby ye have transgressed; and *make* you a new heart and a new spirit: for why will ye die, O house of Israel? [spiritual as-well-as physical Israel] – ** the way of escape is made plain **; the prophetic curses can be avoided !! – we have *not* lived up to our responsibilities; we must return to God and His ways – we have to cease the internecine [the conflict within the COG] attitudes and machinations which are mutually destructive both within and without the COG.

The various COG Inc.’s magazines, broadcasts, etc., all quote the world’s media, and various private sources to give credibility and authority [convincing proof] to Christ’s words of prophecy [and their understanding], to give credence [the world’s credentials] to their astute analysis and prognostications, their report of the curses [for which the COG messenger is responsible; this is one of the few times where the messenger is responsible for the message; the COG cannot say “don’t blame me, I’m only the messenger”] – where in the NT is Roman or Greek authorities quoted to give weight or authority to anything — [the baptism of] *repentance and the remission of sins* is the message preached in the Book of Acts [Paul preached Christ], and that is the message we are to take into the world also [the Gospel of the Kingdom is included in this message], this is the true work of God, the Book of Acts II [John 6:29] – many secular-prophets both for-and-against the systemic have a much better understanding, a more pure analysis of our present state than those purloining their brand of the Gospel as product.

We must establish God’s *living* community NOW, while we still have time – if we do not we will not only have to answer to God, but we will have to answer to the countless millions who are going to die in the coming SAGE induced holocaust, that we, in effect, are responsible for !! — WE HAVE TO SAVE THE WORLD FROM OURSELVES, FROM OUR SINS !! — again, every article we write, every item we report on, every sermon preached, about prophecy fulfilled [the curses], or about to be fulfilled, IS AN INDICTMENT OF *OURSELVES*, OUR FAILURE AS THE PEOPLE OF GOD !! – we have to look beyond ourselves, our groups and return to God, WE MUST TURN THE HEART [saving humanity from ourselves in turn saves humanity from itself] !! – God speaks of the “little flock” with a “little strength” that we, the COG, claim as our identity, but it is time that we return to our roots and become cognizant of, and establish the MIGHTY ARM OF THE LORD and DO THE FIRST WORKS [EPHESIAN APOSTOLIC CHRIST-IAN-ITY] !! – if we are not providing the alternative, if we are not a *living witness*, if we are yoked to this world’s systemic, then we will be pulled down when it falls, we will *not* be worthy of escape — “watch therefore … accounted worthy of escape” [watch (heed; awareness); accounted (labor)]; we must not only proclaim as watchmen the works of the Devil and warn of their resultant curses, but we must also be aware of our vital, additional watchman responsibilities and heed God and be laboring to bring the blessings NOT the curses, to fulfill our purpose [to destroy the works of the Devil], and THEN WE WILL BE WORTHY – the escape [remaining to serve] is self-fulfilled by our obeisance to God !!

Matt. 24 is addressed to the household of God, as is Mal. 4:6 “… to turn the HEART of the fathers to the children and the HEART of the children to the fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse” – WE ARE AND WILL BE RESPONSIBLE [THE GREAT TRANSGRESSION, (Psm 119:13)] !! – WE MUST BREAK THE CHAIN OF EVENTS, THE CORPORATE YOKE THAT WILL INITIATE HOLOCAUST – we have been taught that God will shorten those days for the elects sake, but it is those very same elect who could have risen up and prevented the holocaust in the first place, by employing God’s ways instead of man’s [the works of the Devil] within His own church, and by extension, into the world [*the mustard seed* NOT a bramble (brier) bush; every temple stone *upon another* shall be thrown down, Matt. 24:2; hierarchy destroyed; 1 Cor. 15:24; all rule (hierarchy) put down by Christ; the *thorn in the side* of the body of Christ REMOVED (the Thorn Ministry), the body HEALED]; by the Gospel of the Kingdom [servant authority; intelligent obedience of God not blind obedience of men; SOWN INTO THE GOOD GROUND]; the full power of God [the mighty arm], the full preaching and witness of the community that can be accomplished by no other method !!

The corporate church cannot build [builded together for an habitation of God *through the Spirit*, Eph 2:22] God’s agape community !! — Jer 23:29 God’s word = fire, hammer = tools to build, as-well-as prophetic instruments, the tools to destroy !! – THE APPLICATION OF GOD’S WORD IS THE POWER OF GOD — 1 Thess 1:8, the *whole* Church is to participate in the propagation [to spread from person-to-person, place-to-place] of God’s word; the physical conception in the hearts of man and woman [to conceive in their minds the possibilities of the Family of God, the Gospel of the Kingdom of God], so that God may lead them to repentance and spiritual conception [2 Timothy 2:25 In meekness (in true humility; not seeking our own; not making a reputation) *instructing* those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will *give* them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; God gives us possession of truth with the obligation to share it]; God’s fire, not kindled by man [Isa 50:11; sparks] !!

Using corporate currency = complicit in corporate crimes [other men’s sin]; God does NOT want corporate money as tithes and offerings [it is polluted; the terrible “price” [is] paid in the ** HARD CURRENCY OF HUMAN SUFFERING !! **]; what God wants is righteous works and increase from His self-sufficient and sharing community [buy without money or price; A WOVEN BASKET OF COMMON STRAW], the *only* environment where *proper and Holy worship* of God is possible !! — it is the world’s systemic [the environment of sin; the works of the devil that we are to destroy NOT employ] that is producing the injustice, the pain, the inequality, the disease, the hatred – this SAGE-Systemic is imposed, yet by our complicity, self-inflicted !! – by employing, by utilizing this evil, we are contributing to it, and in effect helping to BUILD IT !! — we have NO need of a professional ministry, they have NO power over us; the power is *amongst* us, we have the power, each of us, *together as community*, and the sooner we realize this, the sooner we can employ the power given by God to terminate and destroy this *BUILDING HOLOCAUST* !!

The 10 Commandments [10C] are a mental environment, each an attitude of mind [an expression of God’s very own mind, His character]; “thou shalt not” implies the opposite “thou shalt *do*” [ie., in God’s community there is no need, or desire for stealing, all shall freely share], our involvement and responsibility, our family consciousness [of God and man, our relationship], our personality; Philippians 2:5, “let this *mind be in you* that was also in Christ Jesus” – the 10C represent *together* the ultimate, genuine *survival* mentation matrix and paradigm [intelligent design, application (obedience); psychologically, the deep things of God; the ** COMMANDMENTS OF LIFE **]; 2 Cor 10:5, “… bringing into captivity *every thought* to the obedience of Christ” – the 10C are active, real, *living* laws, physically and spiritually [with real penalties when broken; witness the world], they *are* the God Family, they are the Family’s ** Law of Agape Love **, yet the 10C and God are not real to most people !! – it is the transgression of these laws [1 John 3:4, sin is the transgression of the law] that has separated God and man, that has made the reality of our evil systemic [and the resultant suffering engendered] paramount in our lives – these laws are the only way to a *sustainable existence* for man on this planet; they are God’s systemic, His guiding principles, they are what we were designed for !! — the reality of this world must be God’s reality, we must make God our own, a systemic based on “give” NOT a systemic based on “take”, a true systemic of resultant blessings NOT a false, evil systemic of curses [an absence of the blessings !!] – these “living laws” engender [to beget; to bring into being; cause; produce; originate] a *true life*, a living, symbiotic environment; they are part-and-parcel of God’s Holy Spirit, and as such THEY IMPART GOD’S LIFE AND WITHOUT THEM WE WILL CEASE TO EXIST !!