God has been replaced by money and emotion; Mammon has been enthroned; Satan has been perfectly “personified” in each and every one of us; CHRIST IS THE ALTERNATIVE PERSONIFICATION — “supply and demand” [manufactured supply to meet a manufactured demand]; WE HAVE *NO RIGHT* TO DEMAND ANYTHING !! – mankind can only progress together; we all have right to the necessities of life and purpose, but when only few can claim that right, and by claim, deny another [one claim (individual/collective) made possible only at the expense and/or sacrifice of another or others], selfish progress becomes regress for many; the few live off of, take from, the many – ** RICHES/LUXURY IN THE MIDST OF POVERTY IS PURE EVIL; OUR DEMAND (to covet) IN THE MIDST OF WANT (need) DENIES GOD !! ** – our “commonwealth” utilized to fulfil the demands of the few, while the wants of the many [the “common”] go unfulfilled and ignored !! — OUR IMPOSED CLAIM(S) OVER EACH OTHER ARE *NOT* RECOGNIZED BY GOD; THEY ARE IN ** VIOLATION OF GOD **, OF HIS CHARACTER [the 10C], AND OF HIS FAMILY !! – all of us within [the COG] and without [at present] the Family of God stand in violation of God, of His love; WE STAND IN VIOLATION OF OURSELVES !! – our “violations” are in effect “crimes against humanity,” crimes against our own human-ity, ** CRIMES AGAINST GOD ** !!